Meet Cyndi, She Sews!

Wow this is really exciting for me.  I have only posted comments on other blogs 2 times and here I am with my very own blog.  After a long absence from crafting I am returning and sewing was the first thing.  My favorite thing to make is purses.  It is such a creative outlet.  Embroidery is my next challenge, and I have not done any since I was about 10 years old, so we will see how that goes.  My big sewing challenge is going to be decorating my bedroom, it is a very exciting project.  The picture in my head is a pink craft store exploded in there hehehe.  Right now I am working on finding the fabric for my duvet cover.  There is much to be done, but I’m expecting it will take quite awhile.  Stay with me and we will have some fun on the way.  TTFN

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