5 Things I Hate About Twitter

I have 2 twitter accounts, actually I have 3 if we count the one for this blog which doesn’t get much love.  So how about this, I have 2 active Twitter accounts, one is public and one private.  The private one I use to connect with friends and I tweet with basically no filter.  The public twitter account is partially for my business and partially for me to compliment/complain to companies since they wouldn’t be able to see @replies from my private account.

I adore Twitter, I get a fair amount of my news from Twitter, I stay up to date on products and companies.  I’ve even won prizes on Twitter.  I have only a few minor problems with Twitter and they are all the users fault.

1. Celebrities do not owe you a reply or a RT…move on!

I can’t stand when I see celebritiies ripping through RTs because someone tweeted them that if they love their fans they’ll RT.  Move on people, leave the famous people alone and be happy you get to see twitpics of there dinner.

2. Repeat Tweets

I see this the most on my public account from businesses I follow.  Let’s all agree you don’t need to retweet the same tweet 10 times in 8 hours.  All you’ve done is destroy any interest I have in any of your tweets, especially this one.

3. Spambots

This may be the worst and most universally hated of all.  This begs the question though, why are people clicking on it?  These spambots must work or they would all stop, so who is falling for them?  And if it’s you then let me know because your long lost uncle left you $4 billion and all you need to do is send me $1 million to get it.

4. Entertainment News Sites

As much as I hate fans demanding a RT from celebs, I hate more the “news coverage” of what a celeb tweeted.  It’s just silly, of course I’m of the opinion that I enjoy my celebs on in their element, albums, tv shows, and movies.  Of course I do follow a few celebs…but hey David Boreanaz tweets photos of his adorableness…until he stops I continue to follow 🙂

5. Teenage Girls and Justin Bieber

I mean really they’re the same right?!  I don’t think I need to explain this one, but I will.  Teenage girls attack whenever The Beibs is mentioned, and I’m happy to know I don’t follow them but then (and this relates to number 4) it becomes headline news.  So the news sources I do follow mention it, as does the evening news I watch!

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4 Responses to 5 Things I Hate About Twitter

  1. Amanda says:

    Even if I tweet about the same blog post, I try really hard to phrase it differently every time because repeat tweets bother me, too.

    • Stacey says:

      As you should! Yesterday for example on my public Twitter I saw a company tweet the exact same tweet 12 times in 24 hours! Unfollow!

      • Amanda says:

        What I really dislike is when bloggers have an automatic update to Twitter when they publish a post, and then a minute later goes on Twitter and tweets about the post. Like, I saw it the first time, thanks.

        I also dislike (and have unfollowed) people who always ask “please RT” in their tweets.

      • Amanda says:

        Not that I’m offended by people who say please. But, you know, if all you want is for people to RT your tweets, that’s just lame.

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