5 Things I Love About Twitter

Because I really do love Twitter it was only fair I share this as well as the 5 things I hated.

1. Connections

I have met and enjoyed some great friendships through blogging, those friendships were really because of Twitter though.  We’ve had huge chat sessions 140 characters at a time more often then I could count.

2. Free stuff

Twitter contests are awesome, they happen quickly and I rarely have to do much to enter.  It’s just awesome.  I’ve personally won gift cards to restaurants and running store…you can’t beat free food and running socks!

3. Deals

I have more then once found out about a great deal happening in my city via Twitter.  Not to mention I love finding out about new places and new places often offer deals via Twitter!

4. News

I can think of 2 specific huge events in the last year I found out about via Twitter.  The Tucson shooting and the death of Osama Bin Laden.  I found out about both of those via Twitter way before I saw it on the news.  Actually seeing it on Twitter is what made me turn on the news!

5. Easy

Twitter is not complicated, there doesn’t need to be a huge plan on how you should tweet.  Just tweet, share and enjoy!

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