Let’s Lose

Let’s Lose might be reincarnated here at our new blog home!  I have really let my weight loss fall to the wayside and am feeling like I need to get back on track.  I’m lucky I haven’t really gained since ending Let’s Lose at Say Something Stacey, but I really haven’t lost anything else.  Ideally I’d like to lose about 90 lbs by February 2012, that means I need to lose a little more then 3 pounds per week between now and my birthday (Feb 13, mark your calendars).  Personally that’s a lot, to count on continuous weight loss of 3 lbs every week is unlikely.  But I do think I can lose a solid 60 pounds between now and then which will make me happy and I’d only need to lose 1.5 pounds each week (so figure sometimes more sometimes less to get there).

Now is this something you guys would like to see started up again or should I keep it to myself?  It would be similar to how it was done at Say Something Stacey, I’ll keep measurements and weight, I think I’ll update it bi-weekly this time.  Also as I come across delicious healthy finds I’ll share them.  Same with some great workouts I find.

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2 Responses to Let’s Lose

  1. Candice says:

    I would enjoy if you brought it back. 🙂

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