Monday Countdown

This is a weekly post that Bookish Penguin started and I love to do from time to time so here it is!

Five Things I’m Grateful For

1. My husband, Charles is so amazing and I’m so lucky to have him.  We had really let date night slide in the last several months (read no date nights at all), and I’m happy that we’ve corrected that.  We have scheduled a date night every Sunday night and it’s wonderful.  We took some of the pressure off as well, I had to remember date night didn’t need to be out and expensive.  Some nights it’s nice to just cuddle up and watch a movie the two of us without the distractions (read my cell phone).

2. My mom, it’s so fantastic that she’s here to watch Colin while I work.  Beyond that I’m glad that she and Colin get to have such a fantastic relationship.

3. Charles’ upcoming 5 day weekend.  He’s off from Thursday-Monday this week!

4.Feeling better, I spent so much of this year feeling crummy for one reason or another, it’s nice to feel good.

5. Pop-tarts…I’ve been eating them like crazy but they satisfy the sweet tooth and I just love them!

Four Things I Can’t Stop Thinking About

1. A possible upcoming change that could be HUGE. Not talking about right now but I will when I can.

2. The business, I thought about making a huge investment because I’m afraid I’m not doing enough to grow the business.  Then I took a step back and realized I’ve been open for 2 months officially and I need to give myself time to create my opportunities.  If I’m still sitting where I’m at in 10 months then I’ll reassess.  I hope that’s a good decision and I don’t just waste the next 10 months.

3. Colin has a rash, it’s not contagious and I took him to the doctor and was told it’s sensitive skin.  I treated it as recommended it went away and now it’s back and in new spots.  I can’t stand his pediatrician anymore.  She acts as if I’m a stupid and paranoid mother who calls about nothing.  We’ve seen her 2 times outside of checkups in almost 3 years, once he had croup and I called the day he started coughing (no 1 year old should sound like a seal). And now with the rash after treating it (I thought it was heat rash) and getting no where.  She just blows me off when I ask anything, and once my mom came in with me and she would only speak to her.  I’m 26, not exactly babies having babies here I’m a grown women! – Wow that ended up as a terrible rant!

4. Date night on Friday, we’re checking out the new dine in AMC for free which is awesome.  They’re doing a sort of pre-opening trial run on Friday and Monday so we’re heading over to check out Fast Five.  Not the most current movie but I’ve wanted to check out one of these dine-in theaters but a lot of them are very expensive and offer limited vegetarian options.  This one is more reasonably priced (even free this weekend) and has 3 or 4 vegetarian options which makes me a happy girl!

Three Things I Want To Accomplish This Week

1. Cleaning, I feel like this shows up a lot on this list.  I tend to put it off whenever possiable.  I’ve got to do it this weekend.

2. Run 3 days, that’s the goal. I’m getting back on track with Couch to 5K then I’m going to follow that up with the 10K program.  My goal is to run in the 2012 Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon.

3. Get 3 blog posts written for the company blog (seriously slacking on that since I’ve been so busy)

Two Things I Am Working To Be Positive About

1. Business, I’m already working to a profit, but I feel like I could be doing more.  No I know I could be making more so clearly I could be doing more.

2. That the next 4 months of this year won’t be total and complete chaos.

One Random Thing

1. It’s a happy day, the Diamondbacks are four games up on the Giants.  I think I might throw a party!

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