Bout of Books 2.0

I’m very excited that Amanda at On a Book Bender decided to bring us another Bout of Books event!  Once again it’s read what you can, when you can so no pressure.  It starts on 10/24 and goes right through to 10/30, ending just in time for Halloween!

Like last time I’ll be on Twitter as well as Goodreads updating my progress, also as I finish books and start new ones I’ll post here at the blog.  If we’re not friends on Goodreads head over to my profile and fix that immediately!  I’ve already made a lovely shelf of the books I’ll be attempting to read, but more about that in my starting post.  This is all about getting you over to the sign-up page and joining in the fun!

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2 Responses to Bout of Books 2.0

  1. Amanda says:

    I’m glad you’ll be joining us again! And if you still want to do a giveaway, remind me.

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